Oil Cooler Leak

Question for Fix My Hog 2014 Harley FLHTXS. The oil cooler on my 2014 Street Glide has some rock damage and has a very slight leak. I let the engine run, and it does not leak more under pressure. Should I replace the core or continue as is, monitoring the oil level?

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Fix My Hog Answers Best to replace the damaged cooler if your budget allows.

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7 Responses to “Oil Cooler Leak”

    2004 fatboy . When battery to key fob goes dead does fuel pump not activate when turned to ignition?

  2. Rif

    If it leaks now, it will leak later. And forget about a clean frame. Switch it out or bypass it I say.

  3. HDMania

    If its a small area clean it off with brake cleaner or laquer thinner and put some JB Weld on the leak.

  4. Jarl Carlson

    2006 streetgluide the face on my stereo receiver goes blank, everything works just no face letters , don’t know where I am , stationes , fm or am

  5. Mike Henness

    Good advice for sure. Even if the oil leak is small when it’s at the lower front of the bike oil can mist or blow back and saturate rubber hoses, tires, and other parts that will break down and cause an unsafe riding condition. Fix the leak right away.

  6. Erwin Tester

    If the battery to key fob goes dead the bike will not disarm. As long as it is armed the bike won’t do anything but set off the alarm. I have never been able to disarm by the directions in the manual. Fix oil leak as soon as possible.