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Question for Fix My Hog Hi there, I have a BDL 3″ open belt dry primary and cant find any troubleshooting information. I have owned the bike for three years and have done nothing to the system as it seems to just fine, I have adjusted it once due to some concern of slipping but I believe it was due to moisture and getting it wet as I was caught in a storm. Now, I am finding there is traces of oil and seeing oil at the adjusting nut center friction plate area, after a ride I find little splatter traces. Is this normal or do I have a internal seal going I am not sure? I do most repairs with the help of your site anything I cant handle I unfortunately have to pay someone else but hate that as I cant learn if I don’t do it myself. I also have heard some strange noise coming from this area. Any help with information and how to do would be appreciated.

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Fix My Hog Answers Open belt drive assemblies need to be serviced regularly. Being wide open to the elements means that you are continually up against dust, dirt, and water/moisture. We would suggest removing your entire assembly at this point. The oil is transmission fluid getting by your main drive gear or 5th gear seal (mainshaft seal). If your clutch plates are still in good condition, you can clean them and reuse. If the steels are blued, or the fibers are excessively worn, you will obviously need to replace them. Also inspect your primary bearing when disassembled. These videos should give you a good view of the seals mentioned.

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4 Responses to “Open Belt”
  1. Bruce Alexander
    Bruce Alexander

    For latest BDL information, reach out directly to BDL. The techs over there are great! AND they answer quickly too. Regular cleaning of the belt, and components, as well as regular inspections (I have had some bolts come loose) will keep it running well with very little maintenance. But get the oil leak fixed it it will trash the clutch plates.

  2. Todd K.
    Todd K.

    The best way I know of to find a oil leak is to clean up the area with brake clean & blow off dry.
    Then run it as long as you need to to see where it’s seeping or leaking.
    I’m pretty sure you can change both seals after you pull the inner sprocket, but you have to check your bearing plays. If the bearings have too much play, they need to be changed or the seal will probably keep leaking. Make sure you don’t have too much tension on the belt. That could put too much stress on your bearings.

  3. Robert Torres
    Robert Torres

    I have a 1984 Shovel head with a 4speed transmission that I am putting in a riged frame and like to put a open belt dry primary how do go about this