Pete Bailey’s Harley Story

I’ve only really been into Harley Davidsons for about 20 years, passed my motorcycle test in 1959 but road mainly Brit bikes until the late 90s then I was educated by an old Harley friend and bought my first road king in 2000. Ever since then I have been a staunch Harley fan. A few years ago I sold my Dyna to buy a fishing boat couldn’t make a living because of our imprisonment by the EU so I sold the boat at a great loss and after paying all my bills I had just enough to buy an old 1200 Sportster, rebuilt the engine and that’s what I am riding now. I did ride across America in 2008 stayed for a month or two just to drink some beer and have a good time, just me and two old-timers we had a ball! It was a celebratory vacation, I had just been given the all-clear from cancer! I am still riding my trusty Sportie every day, gonna ride till I die.

Pete Bailey

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