Power Commander III Ratio

I have a Power Commander III that I map using the data output from a Twin Scan+. Should I be trying for a 13.2 A/F ratio in every cell, or are there ranges that should be richer or leaner than that?


Our Friends at DynoJet had this to say:

If you are looking for the best overall performance then you should try to achieve a fuel ratio of around 12.8-13.4:1. If fuel mileage is a concern then you may want to shoot for 13.8:1 in the cruise range.

Wrench Safe, FMH

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7 Responses to “Power Commander III Ratio”
  1. Ronald

    I have a 2013 tri glide ultra classic flhtcutg and I have opened the exsaust ,added a big sucker stag #1and a power commander III what is a good map setting for this bike?

  2. Anthony

    I have a 2015 Harley Heritage that I’m thinking of dumping. It’s a great bike but the heat is devastating. I have installed a fan but all that does is cook my right leg.. Before I go to another brand bike is there anything I can do to keep this bike.. I have a Vance and Hines fuel management system, Full Cobra pipes, and HD intake.

  3. Henry

    Does anyone out there have the Dynojet Power Commander III USB app on their cell phone? Can you use the app to adjust the fuel on your bike?