Proper Wheel Alignment

QuestionI have a 2012 Fatboy Lo with 9,800 miles on it currently. The issue is that the front tire is wearing solely on the right side if you sitting on the bike. It actually still has the ink/paint on the left side between the trends and the right side is down to the replace indicates on the tire. This front tire was replaced by me about 3600 miles ago, before going overseas. I am currently stationed in the military in Japan, and the local dealer stated that since the 200mm rear tire was added to the softail line, they tend to wear on the right side of the front tire. Ok, possibly, but I cannot see this much such severity in one side of tire wear being acceptable. Any ideas?

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AnswerCheck your rear wheel for proper wheel alignment. Also, inspect wheel bearings front & rear. Wouldn’t hurt to change your fork oil at 10k, if or has not been changed already.

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14 Responses to “Proper Wheel Alignment”
  1. William Gardiner
    William Gardiner

    Is it better to burn “clear gas” @ $4.65 a gallon or just put in the regular unleaded 10% Ethonal at $2.45 a gallon – – 2014 Softail Deluxe with 108 miles on it.

  2. Marvin custer
    Marvin custer

    How do u change primary belt? N going down road if I loosen up grip of handle bars the front shakes a little cause?

  3. Dave

    Had similar problem on my FB LO right from the beginning only bike would pull to the left as soon as I took hands off grips. Dealer couldn’t find problem. At 6,000 mi replaced rear tire and problem went away.

  4. chopperjoe

    could be possible you got a bad tire. my front AND rear tire wore out after only about 3000 miles. they’re Pirelli night dragons. the front tread wore down and cupped.

  5. Ronald

    I had as minor run in with a curb after being run off the road! Bike is fine but the front forks are slightly miss aligned. Is the an easy adjustment. I’ve look in two different manuals and haven’t found a fix. Does anyone know one?