Rear Turn Signals

Q: I am a member of Fix My Hog, and I have a question. I have a 1994 Harley Wide Glide and I am trying to get more lights to the rear. I am trying to have both rear turn signals(which I have now) and tail lights. So I purchases double filament bulbs and new turn signals. My problem is that I got the turn signals to work but unable to get the rear tail lights to work. Can you help me out? I am pulling my hair out, and have been trying for seven hours to get tail lights. Any thing you help with will be greatly appreciated.

A: Your new turn signal housings should have 3 wires, if they are to support a dual filament bulb. One wire will be ground (usually black or green), then; two more wires. One for each filament. The brighter filament needs to be used for turn signal. The other (in this instance), for running lights. You should work with long lengths of wire from the new signal housings and make your connections under the seat into the stock taillight plug. On a 1994 Harley (taillight plug), the black wires are ground – purple are left turn signal – brown is right turn signal – blue & orange are constant 12V power. You will want to power your running lights from a blue or orange.

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12 Responses to “Rear Turn Signals”
  1. Keith

    I am new to fix my hog, but I have an 06 Softail and so does my wife. Her rear turn signals are only on when turning but the front turn signals are always on. Mine are always on front and rear. The bulbs in the turn signals look the same in mine and hers. Hers is completely stock as she bought it new from dealer where I purchased mine used and it has upgrades. So is her rear turn signals working as designed and if so do I need to buy a kit to change them to running lamps and turn signals?

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi, Keith. Most typically Harley Davidson uses rear signal assemblies for turn signal only; or turn signal and brake on Softail models; depends on the model. Front signal housings are used for running light and signal. Sounds like you may have a custom application on your m/c if you have running lights and signals in the rear. Neither is incorrect.

  2. Allen Dowdy
    Allen Dowdy

    I have looked all over your site, but can’t find anything about fixing a turn signal problem. Am I missing something? I have a 1999 Roadking Classic. One side or the bike works, the other side does not.

  3. Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera

    Had can I get my rear turn signal light to work as running lights an turn signal I have a 2004 dyna wide glide

  4. Michael

    I recently snapped off the rear right turn signal on my 06 Fatboy (don’t ask!). I ordered a new stem but wasn’t sure how to disconnect and remove the damaged part. It’s the metal tube with thread on both ends between the fender and the flasher. Couldn’t find any videos per se that walk me through that process. Are there any? Does anybody have any advice? Thanks.

  5. Anthony

    The metal cross bar that holds the two turn signal fell off on the right

  6. Chris Dingeldein
    Chris Dingeldein

    I am removing my rear side rails.Replacing them with new ones. How do I disconnect the signal lights.

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      Customer Service

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