Replace Your Harley Drive Belt

QuestionI have a 2001 FLH and I’m having a problem with the Harley drive belt squealing on the rear pulley. Belt is in good condition and the alignment seems good. It mainly squeals during acceleration and deceleration. Thanks for your time!

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Answer Make sure belt is in good condition, clean and aligned. You can try using belt dressing as a “last ditch effort”. Otherwise, the only solution is to replace your Harley drive belt and both pulleys.

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7 Responses to “Replace Your Harley Drive Belt”
  1. Andrew

    Double check the belt tension. A loose belt will have a similar issue of squealing. This will also result in premature belt wear and you”ll end up replacing it.

  2. Terry

    I asked a question sometime ago about my drive belt and have never got a answer. Where can I go to get the answer?

  3. Patrick Dreyer
    Patrick Dreyer

    Ticket 22133 I have a 2001 road King Classic FI. Original belt. When I rub it my fingers get black. I just had the rear tire replaced and they said it looks good. Only 26,000 miles. Is there a lube or spray I can use to keep it in maximum condition. Any recommendations?? Thank you!!