Replace Cam with Andrews EV 27

Question I have Softail Nostalgia 1996. I have replaced the cam with an Andrews EV 27 and have got a chatter. Have checked everything including pushrods. All bbc set up properly and chatter is still there. Is this normal for ev 27 or do I need to adjust anything? Thanks Steve J

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Answer Andrews EV 27 is a great cam for the Evo motor. You should not be experiencing any problems due to the cam itself. You need to use your OEM cam gear, not the gear that comes with the new cam. Also, you need to measure your cam end play and space your new cam accordingly. If you did this and adjusted your pushrods correctly, you should not be hearing the sounds you are describing unless the sounds were there before tear down. Related Videos: Cam Chain Tensioner Class

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6 Responses to “Replace Cam with Andrews EV 27”
  1. Dave Stewart
    Dave Stewart

    What can shim did you use if your cam spacer has the dog ears on it replace it with a shim that does not have ears on it HarleyDavidson says cam end play is from .001-.050 try to get it as close to .010 as possible

  2. Ryan

    Fix your timing. Ev27 doesnt require pushrod adjustment. You need to advance timing