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Question I have a 2014 XL883L Super Low, I have lowered the rear with shocks and it is still not low enough for my height. Any other ideas?

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A-orange Thank you for the question. Rider height issues can be dialed in with a lower the seat and air shocks offer more settings than regular shocks. We plan on producing a front fork lowering video soon.

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10 Responses to “Rider Height”
  1. Leo J Couture Jr
    Leo J Couture Jr

    How can I quiet down the ticking noise in my 2012 Harley Street Glide?

  2. William

    Any help please my 07 had xl883c has not run in 3 months had at one shop they threw parts at it dealer also had 9 hours an did not no why it was not running put injectors map an crank sensors new fuel pump new used wire harness an still no good I am getting a po107/po373/po374 codes mostly po107 map it was replaced once had drag pipes on put stock back on an nothing starts but pops out of air filter housing plugs real black deposit an black out of pipes can anyone help any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  3. Tom Steelman
    Tom Steelman

    Restoring a 76 FLH and am currently rebuilding the infamous banana calipers. Are the caliper pistons supposed to be pressed in? New pistons won’t slide in the caliper bores.

  4. Debra Turner
    Debra Turner

    I need to lower my sportster I already put a lowering kit on the rear shocks and now would like to lower the front end what is the procedure for doing that