Right Floorboard Vibration

Question for Fix My Hog HELP. Slight right floorboard vibration at all RPM Nothing touching. 2015 Ultra Limited. Started after I changed only muffler. Went back to stock muffler. Still fell vibration, could it be stage 1 tune?

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Fix My Hog Answers It would be hard to speculate what might cause a “slight” floorboard vibration. These motorcycle’s can vibrate themselves apart overtime. Your front pipe may be tapping/hitting your right side floorboard bracket when you are riding. May not be touching when parked or idling on kick stand. Otherwise, you can try loosening every mounting point of your exhaust. Then re-tighten, evenly, starting at the heads and working your way back to muffler mounts. See if there is any change. Also, check motor mounts. Don’t forget the top mount.

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7 Responses to “Right Floorboard Vibration”
    • Duane Mitchell
      Duane Mitchell

      Check the spokes for alignment my 06 roadking classic had the front rim on left side touching fender n a big gap on right side but after tightening spokes all the way around rim it came back to center of fender and all well again !

    • Rick

      I had the same problem with tire wear on my 05 FLHTC. The 2 bolts holding the swingarm shaft in were just barely holding on. Once they were tighten I had the whole bike aligned. Fixed the issue.

  1. K D Streeter
    K D Streeter

    Also he might check and make sure the strap holding his heat shield is not broken. Sometimes you can’t tell unless you take the heat shield off and have a close look. Hope this helps and you find the problem.

  2. Ernest (Wizard) Cuaron
    Ernest (Wizard) Cuaron

    I have the same issue after installing headers, and programmer . Thanx for the advice.

  3. jrcm0310

    I do have a similar problem with my Fatbob 2015, but it vibrate footpeg and handlebar betwen 1800 and 2200 rpm…I replaced the exhaust for an hipower 2×1 and the front mount for a predator, but still there…it is like a resonance?