Road King Classic Fender Brackets Cracking

Q: Do you have a permanent fix for an ’03 Road King Classic fender brackets cracking at the turn to where they connect to the under rear fender and bag brackets?
Thanks! Kenny

A:Kenny, it would be nice if H.D. would do us a favor and upgrade these poorly designed brackets. However, in the meantime, there are a couple of things you may want to replace ( if you have not already ) that may get you more longevity out of a new lower support bracket. If you have excessive engine vibration, replace your front motor mount. Replace the rubber mounts where you bolt your mufflers to the lower saddlebag brackets. Also, be sure that the muffler mounting points do not have a lot of tension or stress where they bolt to the lower saddlebag bracket. One more thing: when replacing the bracket; be sure you tighten down the new one evenly. If anything is misaligned, or taunt, take the time to loosen other fastening points for better alignment/fitment. Thanks for your question.

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