Running then Stopped

Question for Fix My Hog My bike was running great and all the sudden it just stopped running. It is all stock except for a SCREAMING EAGLE IGNITION MODULE AND COIL 31704-99, and vans and Hines pip. 1-Check for spark at the plugs, no spark. 2-Check coil, Coil no good replaced, with Twin-Tec P/N 2008 3-Still no spark, 4-Checked Plug at coil to see if power to coil, Lead (B) with test light from – on batter, Got power. 5-Checked Plug at coil to see if power to coil to plugs, Lead (A & C) with test light to + and cracked engine over to see if power No Light. I’m lost now any help would be great.

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Fix My Hog Answers First check to see if you have any stored diagnostic trouble codes. You may have a bad crank position sensor or a bad ignition. If you have no further clues, try the crank position sensor 1st.

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39 Responses to “Running then Stopped”
  1. Kent Maynard
    Kent Maynard

    I am having trouble logging in to the website, after changing my password successfully, I still get rejected when trying to log in.

    • Robert Coulman
      Robert Coulman

      Take it to a qualified Harley Davidson MECHANIC. Not a job for the faint of heart.

      • Richard Dellamaggiore
        Richard Dellamaggiore

        I have a 2003 ultra classic no spark. Should I have power to the coil with the key on

    • DAN

      I see your question was posted in February. Has this been resolved? You say a 1981 4 speed, is it a Sportster or a Big Twin?

  2. LARRY

    I was riding a backroad about 20 miles from home when my FLHX sputtered then quit. Had plenty of gas and still had lights on dash, but wouldn’t start. Long story short, turn out to be battery voltage too low. Never noticed any problem cranking bike before, but new battery solved the problem.

  3. Roger

    I have Harley 2007 Sportster 1200C. I removed the security system and replaced with stock module. Now bike starts and runs for five seconds and shuts off. Any help troubleshooting would be appreciated.

  4. Ronald

    I have a 2000 Heritage Softail Classic. I turn the ignition switch on and the speedometer does not light up, the odometer does not work and the engine light does not work as well as the turn signals, the neutral and oil pressure light work as well as the head lights. the bike starts and runs. even with the bike running the speedometer and odometer still don’t work. Any suggestions on what would cause this and how to fix.

    • Tom P
      Tom P

      My 2006 Sportster 1200L does the same thing. It used to be intermittent but has been like this most of this past summer. It’s always been suggested to me that it is a loose ground somewhere. If you can judge your speed by gear and sound, it’s just a simple annoyance. And of course you don’t know exactly how many miles you have on the bike if that’s a concern.

  5. Kevin

    I am no mechanic but the 1st. thing I would do is clean all battery terminals and you might be surprised how simple of a fix it might be….good luck…

  6. Kevin

    You might want to check the run/off switch on handlebars. I had one go bad once and had same findings.

  7. Tony AttwoodTj
    Tony AttwoodTj

    EXCACTLY what did you do when testing for spark at the plugs?
    How did you arrive at the conclusion that the coil was faulty?

  8. Bob Fisher
    Bob Fisher

    I have a 2000 FXDX. For the past year it will start, run fine for about 10 minutes, then the electricals shut off. Everything! I’ll reset the ignition and it runs for a few seconds before doing it again, and on, and on, and on. I did nothing electrical to it before it started acting up. Any ideas before I bring it to a shop?

  9. Fuzzy C. Waller
    Fuzzy C. Waller

    How to mount Kuryakin forward controls on a 1986 Harley Davidson FXRS

    • Rick

      Don’t need a code reader. Google how to read the codes for your make and model, you can do it from the bike. Then google the codes you may get and read all boards on that topic.

  10. Mark

    I have a 96 softail, when I turn the ignition switch nothing happens, No lights on the dash, odometer, head light, or tail lights. Brand new battery, I charged it back to 100% and still nothing. Any ideas?

  11. hlbly13

    I have a 94 fxsts rode 100miles then the low beam burnt out. 2 more blocks the high beam blew. 4 more blocks I got home. shut it down. and went inside. in thew morning I turned the key and nothing. I looked at breakers and the ignition breaker had two red wires connected to on side had come off. charged the battery . put the wires back on and when I turned the key the dash lights came on but the battery droped to 10 vdc. what happened?

  12. jimlash44

    I have the exact same issue on my 99 Sportster, the ignition module is bad. It can be easily tested by removing the plate to expose the module. with the key in the on position (make sure your in neutral) hit the starter button, if the light on the module blinks while cranking, it’s no good. My bike has only 26,000 miles on it! Screaming Eagle Sucks!

  13. cheezyrider2dr137294

    THISis a 1991 softail that wont stay running found weak spark at spark plug

  14. carzamora69

    Tengo una Softail Delux 2008 al salir de trabajar ya no quizo encender pensé que la batería estaba muerta pero en un intento encendió sin problema alguno, al día siguiente ya no quiso encender nuevamente cargue la batería y tampoco, compre batería nueva y la instale y no quiso revise códigos de error y me marca número de piezas P68925-07 y P67439-08 entiendo que uno es el modulo de seguridad pero si recibe señal del llavero pero no deja encender el motor solo deja hacer chispa muy baja

  15. Richard Dellamaggiore
    Richard Dellamaggiore

    I have a 2003 ultra classic with no spark. should I have power to the coil with ignition on. I replaced the ignition already. All fuses good. I did notice the system relay kicks on then back off.

  16. John Thompson
    John Thompson

    I have a 2009 Fatboy 96 cubic in I fart at first I thought it was water in the tank then I drained it completely and it’s still doing it it’s throwing a code p 0373 and when I look it up it says ckp sensor intermittent I’m not sure why where it’s located or what to do from here