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The Desperado and The Drifter

This isn’t the name of a Cowboy movie or even a country duo. These are the names of some of the most popular saddlebags for Harleys. The Saddlemen Desperado and Drifter lines of bags can be seen on Harleys across the country and it’s because they look great, are durable and can pack what you need with ease.

Saddlebags are the easiest way to carry what you need on your bike and the Saddlemen offerings are as good as gets in that category. When you choose either the Desperado or Drifter, you are getting the bags that set the standard in motorcycle luggage. To add a little flash, choose the Desperado line. The Desperado bags feature chrome studs and conchos to add some shine. The Drifter bags are sans conchos and chrome studs to provide a more clean and sleek look. Depending on the rest of the style that you’re going for, either the Desperado or the Drifter will complement any bike.

The bags are covered in Saddlemen’s own leather grain, water-resistant SaddleHyde™ that looks and feels like real leather, but is far more durable. With it, you still get the supple feel and look of a high quality leather, but it is very weather-resistant and does not require a whole lot of upkeep.

Upkeep on with the Saddlemen Drifter and Desperado saddlebags is fairly simple, in fact. A damp cloth will do the trick almost all of the time. You also don’t have to worry about the SaddleHyde fading in the sun after prolonged exposure. The rigid construction of the bag will allow it to hold its shape, whether the bag is packed to the rim or while it is completely empty. You don’t have to worry about the bags being saggy when empty or bulging when packed. In other words, they are going to look great no matter what.

Because the saddlebags are a bike specific fitment, you can be sure that they will not only look like they belong on the bike, but that installation is as straightforward as it gets. When you get the standard bags, the only modification that you may need to make is relocating the turn signals. The saddlebags with built in LED marker lamps will require a bit more work, but can still be done by just about anyone. You simply install the mounting hardware to the fender struts and you are good to go. The bags come with everything that you need to fit them onto your specific Harley.

The ease of use is another huge feature that riders love. Saddlemen uses QTL (Quarter Turn Locking) pins to attach the bags to the mounting hardware. This lets you quickly and easily remove the bags from the bike. Plus there are handles on each bag to carry them wherever you need to.

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Practicality and style are joined together at the buckles as well. Hidden under the great looking straps are lockable buckles that make opening and closing the bags easy. And because the bags can only be removed from the inside, theft is greatly deterred when the buckles are locked.

If you love the look of the saddlebags and want the rest of your bike to continue that look, Saddlemen has a variety of amazing seats that match both the Desperado and Drifter bags. Saddlemen seats are made for both style and comfort and they have a variety of seat profiles to choose from. You will not only get the look that you desire, but you will also get a far more comfortable saddle.

You don’t need to be an outlaw or loner to be able to enjoy the Desperado and Drifter saddlebags from Saddlemen, though you may feel more badass once they are on your bike.

Head over to Dennis Kirk to find the Saddlemen saddlebags for your Harley and then check out the Fix My Hog installation video and you will be ready to ride in no time.
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4 Responses to “Saddlemen Desperado and Drifter bags”
  1. Bill Gardiner
    Bill Gardiner

    Will these bags fit a new 2014 Softail Heritage Deluxe? The OEM bags for this bike is simply way too small. A Harley rain suite and a pair of gloves is really pushing it as far as to what one can pack.

  2. Kenneth

    Sure would like to see the material and stitching. Or is there any stitching . They look great .