In The Shop: Grinding Noise When Shifting into 4th

1989 FLHTC

ISSUE: Grinding noise when shifting into 4th.

DIAGNOSIS: Counter-shaft door bearing; complete failure.

REPAIR: Complete transmission rebuild including:

Main drive gear bearing (main bearing)
Main drive gear internal bearings (2)
Countershaft bearing
Jims shift pawl assembly
Main & Countershaft caged bearings (4)
Shaft retaining clips
Trans door bearings
Throw out bearing
Ball & ramp assembly
Inner primary bearing and race
Front pulley spacer
Trans shift arm
Shift linkage
Front shift arm
Front shift levers
Front shift shaft
All trans & primary seals & gaskets

Belt & pulleys
Charging system (complete)
Shift shaft bushings
Clutch cable

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4 Responses to “In The Shop: Grinding Noise When Shifting into 4th”
  1. JOHN

    My gears grind when ingaugeing and releasing my clutch should I be concerned

  2. Wesley

    Ticket 17081 My first question would be: What’s the price difference between all this and just buying a new transmission, perhaps one with more gears?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Wesley,

      Thank you for your patience. In regard to your question:

      Cost of repair depends on year & model HD. and the extent of damage. The only aftermarket transmissions or transmission gear sets worth purchasing are Baker, Jims, or Andrew’s.
      Everything else is garbage. Chinese garbage. This includes Revtech and, most certainly, Ultima.
      Typically, a quality replacement will cost considerably more than a repair with OE parts.

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  3. Patricio Lucero
    Patricio Lucero

    Would like to learn more about fixing all Harley Davidson like to take classes