Slipping Clutch

Question for Fix My Hog I just adjusted my clutch and I noticed that I find neutral easier but sometimes it shifts nice and sometimes I have a hard time getting it to shift. I noticed sometime when I go hard on the throttle the engine racing but not the bike?

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  1. Bob

    My ’16 FLSTC has a bad chirping/ringing noise. As you ride with engine at speed (2000 and up rpm, speed not really a factor) you can hear this ringing noise bouncing off everything around you (trees, buildings, hills). I hear this above the stock exhaust. If you pull in the clutch, maintain speed, the sound stops. I feel like the primary makes a lot of noise (kinda like a disc brake worn out at a higher rate), but the local stealer says they only hear normal noises. I’ve had many Harleys, but this is my first 103 HO, and have never heard such a noise. Kinda feels like the stealer is trying to avoid a warranty problem. Anyone near Waynesboro, Va that can help?

    • Todd mason
      Todd mason

      Yeah the compensator will make excessive noise, put an a.m. comp or shim your stock comp with two HD comp shims also double up the small spring disc and use non synthetic oil, HD formula plus is good as well as several a.m. oils

    • Joe

      Every time I just my clutch lever it seems like I have to let the clutch lever out so far before grabs the bike doesn’t have that many miles please can yous guys help me at 10:19 98 heritage soft tail with only 34,000 miles it’s breaking my balls please somebody help me if I don’t adjust it it’s the lever start rattling

  2. Bob Gitsham
    Bob Gitsham

    This has been an ongoing problem with HD geraboxes for a number of years, particularly in fifth gear when under power. The problem is caused by the gear shaft moving longitudinally in the gearbox under the pressure of acceleration and the helix angle on the gears.

    To confirm check for clearance on clutch lever while accelarating in 5th gear, no clearance, then back of the power, the clearance is back to normal. short term solution, adjust clutch for more clearance. long term solution get a stronger gearbox, Baker Drive Train. That is what I did.and it works. HD dealers will not admit to this problem.

  3. Dwight

    I have an ultra classic 2003 model and it will crank without my key fob. Is this normal?

  4. jhkunkel

    Do you have a video explaining how to check this out on my Fatboy Softail?

  5. JORGE

    I’m replacing my o.e.m. clutch discs, clutch housing and chain tensioner with Barnett components. Would you please list the specialty tools that I will require to perform this swap. I own a 2012 H.D. FLHTCU. Many thanks!