Softail Deluxe Front Wheel

QuestionI`m looking to install a 2008 Softail Deluxe front wheel. It does not have the big chrome cover on the spoke wheel like a Dyna. Any help? Thanks. Tom

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Answer The chrome cover does not change much of the wheel dis-assembly / install process. The axle simply slides through the center of the cover. Very easy to remove. Make sure everything is kept in its proper order and torque hardware according to the factory torque specs found in your service manual.

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  1. Dennis Hansen
    Dennis Hansen

    How do you take the rear wheel of 2012 Fatboy low?
    Do you have to remove the brake disk to drop the wheel?

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      You should not have the need to be regularly tightening your spokes.
      Inspect them at every service. If a spoke, or a group of spokes are loose; you can try snuggling them evenly and in small increments.
      A rim with excessively loose spokes will typically need to be professionally re- trued