Speed Sensor

Q: After jump starting my wife 2011 Sportster The speed o or odometer do not work anymore but bike does run fine. Any suggestions?

A: May have a bad speed sensor. Locate your speed sensor. Remove it from the case and try cleaning it. Check the sensor’s harness and plugged connection. Check your speedo head for stored diagnostic trouble codes. 

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13 Responses to “Speed Sensor”
  1. Mark kozar
    Mark kozar

    My son jump started his 2001 electra glide standard and now his stereo does not work. Just loud buzz.

    • Blaine Dalke
      Blaine Dalke

      What ever you do don’t jump your Bike with a Car or Truck.It will fry the Stator right there. Make sure the vertical is turned off if you do.

  2. Jonathan

    I have a 2002 softail heritage and if I’m traveling over 70moh and let go of my throttle completely the engine will cut off starts right back up a runs fine but how can I fix this?

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      We need to know if this m/c is carbureted or injected to answer your question. (ZD: 3028)

    • Mark A
      Mark A

      I had a similar problem with my 2008 Electra Glide Standard. It ended up being a bad run/kill switch.

  3. VANCE

    any videos on changing speed sensor 2002 electraglide standard speedo goes about 10 miles per hour less and signals don’t cancel ,no codes on sensor showed on speedometer display

  4. Matt Greenwood
    Matt Greenwood

    how do you remove a speedo from a 1986 fxrs sport. speedo is pegged when going over 20mph. cable and drive are not broken. I think it’s in the speedo itself.

  5. Blaine Dalke
    Blaine Dalke

    I have a 2001 Ultra Classic. My question is what would make my speedo work off and on?