Spring Motorcycle Riding

Q: Since the weather is getting to be nicer how do I handle a first start for the season?

A: If you live in a part of the country where you actually need to store your m/c for the winter, there are some things that should have already been taken care of to maintain and assure a smooth start to your riding season. It is important to start with a fully charged, good battery and fresh premium fuel. With Spring motorcycle riding comes extra obstacles: watch for potholes, sand and drivers that are not expecting to see you on the road.

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16 Responses to “Spring Motorcycle Riding”
  1. Luther Jones

    I changed my oil on my 2008 FatBoy . I did not pour oil in the filter before replacing . Should I remove it and pour oil in before starting ?

    • Dennis Santopietro

      Hi Luther, Have you already gone for a ride? If not, yes, spin it off and add some oil. If you went for a ride, the oil should have flown through the oil filter. Check your levels.

      • Jarry

        How do you add oil to the oil filter without it spilling out when installing it back in place.

      • Len

        Adding oil to the filter before installation is not necessary. The oil flows from the tank to the motor unlike a car which flows from the sump to the filter first. The Twin cam is slightly different than the Evo in that after the oil leaves the filter it goes back into the motor for further lubricating unlike the Evo which returns to the tank after leaving the filter. Bottom line is you don’t need to prime the filter since the motor is getting the oil before the filter.

  2. drandad

    I have a question, my 2010 flhtc makes a loud rattling noise in the primary. I was told by a Harley parts dept. manager, that it was probably the clutch bearing, my bike has 40,000 miles on it, and he said it was due to the Harley primary chain adjuster. I have purchased a baker attitude adjuster, to replace the Harley adjuster. Question: is this a big job and is there anything else I should replace while I’m in there. I do my own work and have the tools and lift. I bought the bike from a dealer last year and they said they went through everything, personally I don’t think they are telling the truth. Thank you in advance, Terry Ford

  3. johnny b

    I own a 2006 Street glide, its there a life expectancy of tires? I have 11,000 miles and a lot of tread. Should they be replace because of years old and regardless of the tread?

  4. Jarry

    After my bikes sits for a couple of months, do I need to pull the plugs and use the starter to pump oil into the engine before starting, case in point, a 103 ci engine.

  5. Joe l

    I change all my fluids right before I store my m/c away for the winter.(oil when needed)..is that the proper procedure?..thx.joe…you guys really rock!!

    • Customer Service Techs

      Joe, that is definitely a good way to maintain your ride if you are storing it in a dry & somewhat, warm, controlled environment. If the conditions are damp, cold or constantly varying; it is better to change your fluids after the storage period is over, Condensation can be an issue if these conditions exist. http://www.fixmyhog.com/video/winter-storage-001494/

    • Len

      When water (condensation) meets with unburned hydrocarbons (dirty oil) it created sulfuric acid. Change our oil before storage.

  6. Dennis

    I have an 07 Ultra Classic with just over seven thousand miles….not a typo…7K…the original owner never road it. I put about 150 miles on it and then pulled the fairing off to replace the stock mirrors with fairing mounted type …..and now the “check engine light” and charging light both light up about a minute after starting the bike. The bike had the stock battery from 2007 in it which I replaced with a new one. Problem still exists. Looked at the battery and realized I had forgotten to tighten the small bolts on the battery posts. After tighting them, the lights are still coming on. Switched out battery with another new battery…no help. I didn’t pull the maxi fuse when I removed the outer fairing like the instructions say to do. All the fuses are good….I’m thinking that the stator is bad but with so few miles, makes me wonder if that’s a good assessment. I DID NOT drill through any wiring installing the mirrors. Any ideas….?

  7. Bill

    I have an air horn for my 2010 Electra Glide Ultra. I am having a problem with it not working. Does the air pressure on this need to be adjusted and if so how do you do it.

    • Customer Service

      Most typically, air horn failure is due to a bad air compressor.
      Verify that the compressor is powered correctly and that you have switched power @ the compressor. Make sure any relays ate correctly powered & grounded.
      If all wiring checks out, the compressor is bad.