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QuestionI have a 2004 Springer Softail fuel injected it runs fine at idle but when you get to about 1/4 throttle it cuts out and tries to die but if I twist past that it runs fine again. Anyone had this problem and if so what was it?

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Answer Check for trouble codes. If a sensor is failing, a stored code may help lead you in the right direction. Also, check for an intake leak. If intake seals have not been replaced in a while, it may be time to do so. If there have been any performance upgrades, it may be a tuning issue.

Hogger Follow-up: It has code p0108 MAP sensor I put a new one in still the same.

AnswerCheck for an intake leak. Try a new set of spark plugs. Make sure you have no condensation mixed in your fuel. If you have made any performance upgrades (air cleaner/exhaust), it may be a tuning issue.

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  1. Denny Johnson
    Denny Johnson

    Easy way to check for intake leak, get engine warm! Use carb cleaner or in lit propane torch . Squirt carb cleaner or direct propane to intake seal to cyl head area w/o engine at idle. Leak will cause either stall or slight rpm increase depending on product used.