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Question for Fix My Hog I just put a Baker DD6 transmission in my 1999 Night Train. For some reason, the starter pinion gear is now resting against the ring gear on the clutch, and I have no clearance between the two at all. I have the jackshaft bolt torqued to spec, and I’ve checked and rechecked the assembly of the jackshaft and couplers to make sure they are in the right order and in the right direction. My only thought is that the main drive gear is now sitting more inboard after the Baker installation. That would mean that the clutch would be sitting further inward, and explain the lack of clearance? I’m at the end of my rope, please let me know if there’s something I’m missing.

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Take a look at your inner primary bearing race. Make sure it is not too deep onto the mainshaft.

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9 Responses to “Starter Pinion Gear”
  1. Denise

    I believe there is an after market spacer for the Baker transmission. Worst case you can shim the pinion gear.

  2. Michael Edward Greskoff

    I have a 2004 Softail Standard and the bolts on the rear tire have come loose. Today it happened for the second time with three of the five bolts shearing off in the hub. I was able to remove the wheel and broken bolts and install new ones. Have you every heard of this ? What should I do so it does’nt happen a third time ?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Michael. We see this when hardware is not correctly torqued or when incorrect hardware is used. Loktite should also be utilized on rear pulley hardware.
      After the hub was damaged the 1st time, the wheel should have been condemned.
      Do not attempt to use wheel, or hub again. It is extremely dangerous, as you already know.
      Replace your wheel, pulley, and all related hardware.
      If you have a spiked rim, you can replace the hub & spokes. Rebuild the rim. Spoke & re-true.

  3. Dan Corey

    Hi how are you , I’m having starter and pinion gear problems when trying to start the bike sometimes it will slam hard and stop then I will shut off the switch and turn it back on and it will start but I have replaced the starter three times I’m on my third pinion gear it hits so hard it takes a tooth out of pinion gear I put new battery in it

  4. mooseu409

    This is the 3rd time I’ve left this. On my 2007 Street Glide with a 103 (about 101hp @ 100lbs of torque ) with between 40,000 to 50,000 on it. Not dogged, I let a friend ride it because his was down. He called and said it was broke.When we got it home it started fine, pulled clutch and put it in gear went in fine, let clutch out starter grinding starter drive was still engaged like a car or stuck between 2 gears and didn’t move. drained primary and trans fluid no metal. pulled off primary off took clutch assy. and primary off every thing looked good. Then I flipped the clutch assy. over about a 1/32 the clutch hub splines were chipped the rest going down tawrds the out side are fine looked at the teeth on the mainshaft are good no leaks rotated bearings seam okay. With trans pulley on no play in/out back/fourth then grabbed main shaft rocked it back / fourth had .461 ths. movement (back lash) but no in/out movement (end play) held the pulley splines on 6th gear wear it comes out of trans shifted all gears did fine no noise also sheared belt do you think have to pull trans? I’m on disability really cant’t afford all the tolls but if you think it has to come out then i’ll put a Baker 7 speed and a Barnett clutch set in it I moved from Va and I don’t know anybody down here to get tools I was a auto mac for about 40 years and if you don’t do it right don’t do it at all. this the 3rd time I’ve left this message if you want you can call me thank you

    • Customer Service

      Dear Kenneth,

      Thank you for contacting us. Our experts need additional information from your to answer your question correctly. Please email us at or chat us on our website with a specific and detailed question. I apologize for any inconveniences.


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