Starting and Stalling Again

Q: From Dan: I have an ’09 1200XL with bad idling problems. If you go for a ride, say 20 miles, and pull up to a stop it will roar like hell at high rpm for 10-15 seconds. The next stop may be ok, but the one after that repeats the problem. Then, it may idle so low it will almost stall. Along with that, if you goose the throttle it pings and bangs like you got gas in Tijuana! (Error code P0505 shows up.) On third set of intake seals, as recommended by dealer, but no fix yet. HELP!! A:Intake seals was a logical place to start. Were the intake flanges inspected? Sometimes they can warp and replacing only the seals will not repair an intake leak. Is this bike storing any trouble codes? Has it ever been scanned? I have seen this type of running condition with a bad IAC sensor (idle air control) or throttle position sensor or even with the engine temp sensor. If the bike is scanned and there are no stored codes; the dealer can still test these sensors, individually, with their Scanalizer and Break-out Box. Related Video: Exhaust R&R
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  1. Len

    I had a similar problem with my 12 Heritage. Sometimes when rolling to a stop and pull the clutch the bike would just stall. I’d have to keep the throttle cracked to maintain 1K RPM. Other times at startup and when the bike is fully warmed up I’d be rolling out with a 1400 RPM idle while pulling out of a parking lot. I never got any codes. The problem was simple, as most problems tend to be. The IAC port was dirty, even with only 5800 miles on her. This control meters air over the throttle plate to maintain proper idle and if dirty will stick. I shot some carb cleaner up in the port. Used a cue tip and pulled out quite a bit of black soot. Cleaned a few more times until the cue tip can out clean. Never had a problem since. The whole job took all of 15 minutes and that includes R&R of the air filter and cover. Good luck and God bless

  2. Robert

    I have a 2004 Ultra, starts up fine but after a mile or so stalls when I shift or go to idle. Backfires and sputters. Have to give it gas to keep it running and sometimes it just dies, but starts right up again. Runs fine at high RPM’s. Only when I come to idle will it attempt to stall, but not all the time. I changed the fuel pump, filter and internal tank lines. Still have the same problem. No engine check light. If its the TPS or Idle valve wouldn’t my check engine light come on?

  3. Gene

    a simple video on replaceing a throttle positioning sensor would be helpful jeez

    • Vincent Moscato
      Vincent Moscato

      I just had my bike serviced and had the intake seals replaced. It ran ok when I picked it up and when I rode to work this morning. But going home it started stalling at stop lights. T hgv e RPM went up to like 2300 when I was on the freeway. When I got off and came to the light stalled again. Starts right up and will idle fine. Also they’re have been times while I’m riding the engine just Boggs down and it haf stalled when I pulling the clutch to rev it up. I’m thinking the IAC may be bad. Help please

  4. David

    2001 Duece with 20,000 miles , fuel Injection . Its always run perfect until today. When I started it it back fired then ran normal until I put it under a load I pulled out maybe 1200 RPMs and it fell flat on its face. backed off the throtle and it runs only up until mthat low rpm and it did it in every gear so I could get back home . I just filled the tank last night . I also noticed that the fuel was seeping out of the cap on the tank. What are my options ?

  5. William

    Ticket 21549 hello guys. i have a 05 roadking efi. i had a problem with the fuel injector fuse blowing out. replaced that and fuel pump. the bike is starting perfect but after idleing at traffic light the bike surges then back to regular idle then it will start to stall and ill have to throttle up to keep it running. then its fine for another few mile then it does the same thing all over again. i did the intake seal test and doesnt change the rpms. if i fuel up the same thing will happen down the road. stall then will start. any help would be appreciated.