Stator Has 2 Separate Wires

Question 2005 FLHTCU Ultra Classic
I have watched you stator r&r but not my year exactly. My replacement stator has 2 separate wires, neither of which is numbered or marked as to their placement into the regulator. So does it matter which way these 2 wires are inserted back into the harness?

Thank you in advance…Gary

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Answer That’s a good question.
Stater wire location does not matter.
You can insert the wires into either side of the plug on your year/model.

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14 Responses to “Stator Has 2 Separate Wires”
  1. Anthony

    I have a 2011 Street Glide. I am getting a check engine light along with a battery light. I charged the battery, cleared the code and I am able to ride for a while before I get the code again. The volts seem to intermit, at first the gauge reads approx. 14.5 – 15.5 then drops to 12.0 and remains at 12 until I get the code again.

    • Rich

      my 06 was doing the same.Ended up replacing both regulator and stator. Had battery, reg,startor checked but was intermittent. Very fustrating.

    • Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen

      I had the same thing happen to my 2012 streetglide. I changed the voltage regulator and problem solved.

    • Tim Van Vickle
      Tim Van Vickle

      I have a 14′ ultra limited, mine did the same thing but no codes , it turned out to be a chafed front plug wire that could not be seen unless viewing from the ground it was caused from the bottom edge of the gas tank , just something to check

  2. John

    09 flstc 96″ efi for several weeks when I start the motor after about 3 seconds it shuts back down so I turn it of then on and restart and is ok then runs like always any idea of what this might be?

  3. Sharon Cruise
    Sharon Cruise

    Stator replaced by Dealership Aug 2017. Bike wasn’t charging. Replaced battery 2 yrs old. Still having same problem charging light-oil light come on I told them I thought It possibly was the regulator. they stated it was the stator/battery. OK still having lights coming on and not charging.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Ian,

      You will need to install a load equalizer for the LED signals to flash correctly.
      Badlands is best for your Harley.
      Suggest looking on Drag Specialties website.

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  4. Mike

    Changing 3 phase stator on 2006 FXDCI how do I get the wires out of the plug so I can get them through the case and does it matter the order they go back in they’re all black?

  5. John McKay
    John McKay

    When I replace the stator on my 2001 dyna should I replace the regulator too?