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QuestionMy Question to y’all, do you think it is reasonable to be charged for a Steering Neck Adjustment at 5,000 miles, (instead of warranty claim)? All the HD Touring service manuals state to lubricate at 1k, 10k and 20k and an adjustment isn’t even needed till 25,000 miles. I took it in due to some knocking in the steering neck area to Mancuso Harley, Houston and they just called to tell me the “steering neck adjustment” would be $125 and that he checked with Harley and they wouldn’t cover it because it’s a wear item. A steering neck adjustment is a wear item at 5,000 miles? Thanks for any advice and comments….BUT I’m on my way to pick it up NOW.

Don S.

AnswerHi Don. I myself would contact someone at h/d about this dealers practice. No I do not think this is reasonable, but if 125 dollars corrects the problem it may be worth it. Years ago h/d had a rash of steering bearings that would settle in the frame and races and cause clunking or banging. I was in the dealer at the time and we warranted many of these motorcycles. It was time consuming but all were covered under warranty. -Wrench Safe, FMH

Dennis, saw the bit from Don S. about the knocking noise and the dealer’s Steering Neck Adjustment. I too had a case where I got a knock once in awhile (got a ’99 Road King). What I found was that the main nut at the top of the forks was about 1/8 turn loose. Found too that the lock plate with the tabs that need to be bent up against the nut weren’t, they were flat against the base. I guess that allowed the nut to get loose. I tightened up the nut, folded the tabs against the nut, and the knock went away. Just passing along FYI in case it’s helpful.

Enjoy all your stuff.

Many thanks, Paul

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6 Responses to “Steering Neck Adjustment”
  1. Byron Turney
    Byron Turney

    What is best and most cost effective trike conversion. For an 06 Dyna Steel Bob. Thanks

  2. Richard Martinez
    Richard Martinez

    Greetings Gentleman,
    Just a quick piece of info for Don S.
    Take your bike to Republic HD on the Southwest Frwy. We’ve had some neck bearing issues recently and Republic took care of them under warranty, no questions asked.

    Rich M.

  3. Jerry weber
    Jerry weber

    I’m replacing forward controls with mid on Amy FXDBP 2013. Can I buy correct bolts from a hardware store? I’d so , what size and rating is correct?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      You are not limited to Harley Davidson when it comes to replacement hardware.
      However, it is important to use nothing rated less than a grade 8.
      Believe the hardware you are referencing is 3/8 – 16.
      Length depends on the thickness of the component you are bolting onto the frame.

  4. Don L.
    Don L.

    I have been told by my dealer and it also states in the service manual to service the steering neck bearings at 25K. I have a 2017 FLTRX with 22k on it and I have no steering problems at all. The cost for this at my dealer is $620,00 and I have asked what if they tear it down and it still has alot of grease in the bearings? The answer I got was “well you will get new grease then”! Seems alot to pay for a “maybe” on dry or almost dry bearings and/or new grease!! Is this really a needed service at 25k even if my bike runs and steers without any issue at all?