Street Glide Oil Leak

Question for Fix My Hog 2009 HD FLHX Street Glide I have had an oil leak that has been hard to find. I believe I found the leak but am a little perplexed as to where I think it is. If facing the bike from the front. The right side of the voltage regulator has wires that go from the regulator to the crankcase. It looks like a rubber boot plugs in, and I am not sure if it pulls out. I would think it does if you were going to change the regulator. I didn’t want to pull to hard and snap something. It looks clear to me that the oil leak originates at that boot, and ends up on the garage floor. I’m sure it leaks while I am riding from the looks of the undercarriage, and I get a few drips on the garage floor after a ride. It also hits the exhaust pipe that runs under the bike, and that concerns me. Can you please help me solve this issue.

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Fix My Hog Answers Those wires / that rubber plug does not pull out. That is part of your stator (charging system) and can only be pulled inward, into the primary compartment. If oil is getting past that plug, it would be best to replace the stator itself. The stators in these clips may look different, but the concept is the same.

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  1. Michael

    clean the are really well with brake cleaner. dry. pull plug out from crankcase a little, then coat with black permatex and push back in until outer lip is flush with crankcase. let dry at least overnight, a whole day would be better. no sense in replacing a perfectly good stator if you don’t have to.

  2. Wrench

    Had the same leak on a 08 engine and corrected with black sealant at the plug and the boot..Temporary repair