cam chain tensioner shoes

Harley-Davidson cam chain tensioner shoe replacement is a common project on Twin Cams from 1999 through 2006 (expect for the 2006 Dyna). The Harley Twin Cam is a great engine but the cam chain tensioner shoes on the early models can be an issue. They may require replacement. Inspection can be as easy as removing the Harley cam cover and taking a looking at the front cam tensioner to look for wear. You have several options and we will show stock replacement and upgrade to hydraulic.

Videos on Inspection and Repair:

Cam Chain Tensioner Shoe Video Project

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In The Shop: Cam Chain Tensioners

Videos on Inspection and Repair: Cam Chain Tensioner Shoe Video Project Cam Gear Drive Conversion Video Project Not an Issue with M8 Motors but here’s a Cam Swap Project video series. Cam Chain Tensioners Twin Cams from 1999 through 2006 (expect for the 2006 Dyna) – Harley Davidson’s cam chain tensioners on their Twin Cam…

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In The Shop: Valve Spring Replacement

If you are interested in a cam upgrade on your Harley Davidson, it is vitally important that the manufacturer’s instructions are scrutinized over. If stock Harley pistons are still being utilized, valve to piston clearance needs to be checked. S&S recommends, at least, .060″ clearance for intake valve clearance and, at least, .080″ clearance for…

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Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners

Do you have the DVD for “cam chain tensioner” upgrade from the spring loaded tensioner to the hydraulic pump tensioner, for a 2002, 88 twin cam? Via Email Check out the online class in the related videos below. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Cam Chain Tensioner Shoe Cam Gear Drive Conversion Have more questions? Check…

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In The Shop: Evolution Oil Pump

We have replaced buckets of Evolution and Shovelhead oil pumps over the years. Unlike Twin Cam oil pumps that sometimes fail by design, the Evolution and earlier oil pumps were typically good until worn from tens of thousands of miles, or damaged as a result of cam or tappet bearing failure. The latter, catastrophic failure…

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No Oil Pressure

I have an 2005 U.C. that needs semi-critical repair. I’m just an old retired grunt so I think I may need help in the endeavor. Or…perhaps a FOR SALE sign or a grenade. Help me get to the right place. Thank You. 2005 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide . (FLHCUI-i believe) 45000 miles. I…

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Upgrade to Gear Driven Cams

2006 Heritage Softail Classic FLSTCI Going to have to do an upgrade on the cam chain tensioner over the winter. Typical upgrade is the hydraulic tensioner, but also noticed that there is an upgrade with a gear driven cam (no chain). Which is better? What are the advantages & disadvantages of either one???? Via Email…

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Cam Tools

Does the cam chain video series show and tell you the special tools needed? Via Email Yes, we use, talk about, and demonstrate the use of specialty tools. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Cam Chain Tensioner Have more questions? Check out our Q&A index page to find some answers.

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Changing Cam

Is it the same procedure to change cam on v-twin 96 then a v-twin 88. Do I really need a hydraulic press? Via Email Yes, the procedure is very much the same. You can get around using a press, but it is very important to properly support or press bearings when going together. With proper…

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Bad Cam Bearing?

Two year old Ultima 120 C.I. Evo style engine. Engine will not start; seems to be a timing problem. New Ultima electronic (programmed for curve 3) ignition installed. Have spark and fuel. Not even a “pop” with starting fluid. Question: Could there be something broken internally that would cause the timing to be off?? (gear…

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Harley Oil Pressure

I have a 2002 Ultra Classic. The motor was suppose to been rebuilt a couple of years ago but I do not have proof of that. The bike shows 54,000 miles on it. My question has to do with the Harley oil pressure. When I first start the engine up my oil gauge shows 30…

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