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Electrical Issue

I have a 1999 FLHTC I just had new cams and replaced the chains to a gear drive. I had the Harley dealer do it and when I test drove it the thing back fired a bunch of times but once real bad. The dude forgot to tighten the muffler clamp to the motor. Since…

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Starter Issue

I’m kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Just went out and got on my 2000 Glide, turned on the switch, waited for the engine light to go out, hit the start and everything just died! Nothing, nada! Checked all the fuses and connections at the battery all seem to be alright. It’s…

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1981 FXE Starter Wiring Issue

I have a 1981 HD FXE. The issue is in the wiring system. If I have the wiring hooked up properly for starting, it keeps cranking. I then have to disengage the wire from the battery for it to stop. I have changed the relays, breakers, solenoid, starter, double checked all of the wiring according…

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Speedo Issue

First let me say, thank God for you guys. It’s great to have an alternative to being bent over by the “Stealership” wrench jockeys that are more into selling parts than anything else. Second, I have an electrical problem and a biker friend at work suggested that you might be just The guys to ask…

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2007 Ultra Starter Problems

I am having problems starting my 2007 Ultra starter. Everything seems to be working correctly up to the point where you push on the starter switch and then all I hear is the starter relay clicking. I have checked all connections that I know of and have found nothing loose. Battery is good but starter…

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Darn Crankshaft Sensor

I read an article on the tech site about running a hot wire to the white wire on your coil plug. I have got 12 volts at that point, if it still does not make the coil fire then does it mean I have a bad coil? If so, is there a remote possibility that…

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