gas tank

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Intake Seals

2002 Electra Glide EFI, Recently my bike has been running a bit rough on idle and low speed. Also I get a fuel smell when I finish a ride and park my bike in the garage. I found the purge tube cap cracked and not covering the port correctly. I’m pretty sure this will cause…

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Draining Gas Tanks

I hope you are up to answering a stupid question. How do you drain gas out of the new Harley gas tanks without making a gas mess? I opened the petcock and nothing comes out vacuum operated is it? Help if you can. Thanks, Al   Hello Al, There are no stupid questions. Yes, the…

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Gas Tank Liner Repair

What chemical can I use to help dissolve/remove the tank liner in my Harley-Davidson manufactured gas tank? I tried soaking in Acetone for 24 hours (as Kreem recommends), then shaking for 4 hours with gravel and hex nuts and barely anything has come off. Roger K Hi Roger, I have tried and tried again with…

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