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Have you ever wished that you had X-ray vision so you could watch your Harley’s V-Twin doing its thing? That may sound odd to some, but that thought has probably crossed the minds of many of us riders who sit and day dream about our bikes. It’s in our nature to want to see how the mechanics of things work. After all, that’s why we wrench on our bikes. With the Roland Sands Clarity line, that daydream is one step closer to being realized. The RSD Clarity line of products are engine covers that have clear Lexan windows that allow you to see what has traditionally been hidden behind solid covers. With the Clarity covers, you and everyone else can see the internal workings of your V-Twin, where the real beauty of the engine is taking place. For a complete look overhaul, there are Clarity options to replace just about every cover on your engine. The rocker box cover makes the valve train visible and will even work with most high lift cams. With the cam cover, you can watch the cam gears, chain and support plate go to work. The internal workings of all hydraulic, cable actuated, 5 speed and 6 speed transmissions come into view with both side and top covers. Twist the throttle and watch the throttle body open up with the Clarity air filter, which uses a top-of-the-line K&N filter element. With the derby cover, you can watch the clutch spin and the oil splash against the window.

In addition to looking good, the Clarity covers have a functional advantage as well. They allow you to instantly be able to visually inspect oil levels and mechanical operation of the moving parts. You can see if your oil is still running clear and if it is where it should be. When you fill the oil back up, you can make a note of where it rises to on the window. This can save you time and is an easy way to always know where your levels are at. All of the RSD Clarity covers are machined to tight tolerances with billet aluminum to ensure a close fit. They are direct OEM replacements and will bolt right on so you don’t have to worry about having to “make” them work. The Lexan windows are thick and durable. Their outside is covered with a UV and abrasion resistant film that will protect it from yellowing, marring, and breakage. A specialty coating is also applied to the windows to prevent engine grease and oil from building up.

Installation for most of the Clarity covers is pretty straight forward. There are some extra steps for a few covers like the side transmission cover, where the exhaust may need to be removed. With a shop manual and the part’s instructions, installation is fairly simple. Each cover comes with all of the required bolts and gaskets to complete the swap.

When swapping out your stock covers for any of the options from the Clarity line, you should drain your engine oil before you start. With the engine is opened, unwanted debris can enter and wreak havoc. Plus, if you’re already cracking into the engine, an oil change is only a little more to do. Roland Sands has quickly become the Go-To bike builder over the past few years. RSD is constantly thinking outside the box to create entirely new ways of approaching bike parts. With Roland’s history in racing, his designs always have optimal performance in mind. RSD bikes are meant to be ridden, not just a showpiece in someone’s corporate office.

You can check out the Clarity line of covers and air filters along with all of the other great Roland Sands Designs parts and apparel at Dennis Kirk.

To see the Clarity parts go on a Harley, check out the Fix My Hog video overview and installation videos.

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