Tony Crist’s Harley Story

I wasn’t from a motorcycle family, but in 1969 my dad bought me and my twin brother a Honda mini trail. That same year the TV show Then Came Bronson. I was hooked. It took me until 1973 when I got out of school and started working at General motors I got my 1st bike a 72 Triumph Daytona. I rode it a couple of years when I got a 53 Panhead from a guy that was in a motorcycle club. I never got the itch to have a Sportster like Jim Bronson. The president of that club sold me one he had. I rode that bike for a couple of years with the club and then sold it to get a 49 Panhead fixed it up sold it got a 75 super glide that I still have along with a 98 anniversary Fatboy, 2011 ultra and a 2013 road king.

Tony Crist

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