Torque Cones

Question for Fix My Hog Hey guys you`ve obviously have a lot of experience. What`s your opinion on exhaust cones or torque cones?

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Fix My Hog Answers We feel that they are a waste of money and time unless you are experimenting on a Dyno, chasing horsepower. Sometimes they help other times they do not.

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3 Responses to “Torque Cones”
  1. Larry

    06 road guide,, found boken starter gear 1 tooth broken tooth. told it to Harley , they said it was covered. but after an fews day, they said no because there was something wrong with my ACR, Harley said they will pay for starter gear. but about 2 months back order. but not the ACR, because of my programmer ,told not to worry about got bike back. they cancel my warranty, got little piss, took bike back,. What does acr have to do with an starter gear, road bike home that day runs great, the bike has an fp3 …. Thanks

  2. Terry Rice
    Terry Rice

    I have a 02 FLSTCI, when I get to half a tank and less my bike starts cutting out and when l lean it to the left side it clears up and runs fine but stand it straight up it starts to cut out again. I’m puzzled, do you have any suggestions PLEASE.