Torque Wrench Use

QuestionHow do I measure inch pounds on my torque wrench?

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Answer Torque wrench use depends on the wrench. If you have a foot lbs torque wrench, 1 ft lb is 12 inch lbs. An inch pounds torque wrench measures in inch pounds; a foot pounds torque wrench measures in foot pounds. Set the wrench to the desired measurement and stop pushing/tugging when the wrench clicks.

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7 Responses to “Torque Wrench Use”
  1. Darrell

    Or just get an inch pound torque wrench because most torque wrenches only go down to 25 ft pounds which is way too much for derby covers and such.


    Torque Wrench settings always have a range, Like 40-48 Ft pounds, so would I set my torque wrench on the low setting 40Ft pounds or the High setting 48Ft pounds? Thank You.

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      If both the bolt and component (threaded hole) are in good condition and not excessively worn, we would recommend tightening to the higher torque value.

  3. Lonnie

    I have Harley Sportster 48 and what type of fuel pack is best for it. And about how much more performance would it add?

  4. Mike Kersting
    Mike Kersting

    Wanted to see what are my best options for inch (1/4 & 3/8 dr) and ft (3/8 & 1/2 dr) that will cover the most settings. Zero to 100 or 200 inch, 30 to 250 or 300 on ft lbs? Also what make is everyone using? I am leaning towards Craftsman and trying to avoid Harbor Fright, also trying not to spend too much. I know you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to tooks.