Torque Wrench

Q: Hi, I just recently viewed Bob demonstrate the proper way to remove the front brake caliper and reinstall the caliper after servicing the brake pads, then I noticed Bob torque the front master cylinder to 6-8 in lbs. Can you tell me what type of torque wrench that is? For some reason I’m unable to locate a torque wrench that small of inch pounds.

A: Inch pounds torque wrenches that start at 5, or less, inch pounds are more commonly found in manufacturing settings. Look at manufacturing suppliers such as Grainger or MSC. There are many different manufacturing suppliers in the US.
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14 Responses to “Torque Wrench”
  1. Matt

    Hi want to say thanks as I brought a 2010 fatboy and the front master cylinder was leaking I was doing a 700 km ride back home stopped to tighten it up half way still leaked did not know about over tightening that must of been the problem in the first place. Great vid been a big help.

  2. jamie

    Probably a silly question, but is a straight conversion for inch pounds to foot pounds. i.e. 24 inch pounds is the same as 2 foot pounds?

  3. Donald

    Hi, I have a 2003 Road King C, That I am having trouble with the front breaks, I bled them, and the handle it still weak, master cycl, is full of new fluid,, not sure what to do next, only has 13,571 miles, just bought the HD, One Owner bike. Thanks For The Help.

  4. John

    Can you go ahead and send this over to every mechanic in the country? I’ve had one guy who actually used a torque wrench on my car’s lug nuts. Everyone else uses the damn air wrench.

  5. Herb

    After a fluids change and running about 100 miles I noticed a whining noise. I thought it would go away but after 400 miles it hasn’t. Who has been through this before?