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Hi. I have a 2008 Road King Police (FLHP) and after every ride, there’s a quarter-size oil drop just below the primary case, near the drain plug. When I checked the transmission oil level, it was low so I changed it and filled it full. So I’m thinking maybe a shifter or transmission case seal. Before I do any unnecessary work, can you tell me how to systematically diagnose and troubleshoot such an oil leak? Tips and tricks?

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First, it is important that you check transmission oil level with the motorcycle upright & level. If you checked the transmission oil level on the kick stand, you likely overfilled the transmission case. The excessive oil may be flowing out through the transmission vent. This might be the oil that you are seeing on the ground. Otherwise, start simple. Make sure that the oil is not leaking from the derby or outer primary cover gaskets. If none of these, your leak might be orientating from an inner primary seal or transfer seal.

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