Trouble Starting

I have a 07 Road King, and having trouble starting it. My starter switch seems OK and the kill switch too. When I engage the starter switch, I hear the solenoid click but the bike won’t start. If I play with the started switch, the bike will engage after several attempts. I have very little knowledge but willing to learn, any help will be great thank you.


Hi Randy,

Remove the green feed wire going to the starter solenoid, use a volt meter in series and see if you are getting at least 12 volts. If so the harness and switches are fine. Chances are that the starter windings or contacts are not within spec, if that is the case buy a new h/d starter and the problem should be resolved .
Wrench Safe,
Team FMH

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11 Responses to “Trouble Starting”
  1. Ivan Ochoa
    Ivan Ochoa

    I also had a Road King with the same problem. After having the starter replaced, the problem was solved.

    Maybe this is also a problem, read this:

    Harley Davidson acquired by Japanese owned Kawasaki Motor Company LTD. Milwaukee, April 1, 2014 — Harley-Davidson, Inc. (HOG) has announced agreement to be acquired by Japanese owned Kawasaki Motor Company LTD today, Tuesday, April 1, 2014 for an undisclosed sum.Mar 31, 2014

    Technically speaking, Harley-Davidson motorcycles sold in theUnited States are not actuallymade here, but assembled here.Harley contracts manufacturing ofparts to plants located all over the world, including Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, and Mexico. Thoseparts are then shipped to Harleyfactories here.Jul 14, 2014

    Just a side note or just a thought. By the way I’ve owned 4 Harleys in my time, my 1996 Yamaha Royal Star, have out perform any Harley I’ve owned

  2. Curtis

    How to sd low the idle on 2008 roadking. I’ve watched YouTube but they don’t show on 08. Mine is not like an 06 or 09. It idles 10mph.

  3. Brian Cochran
    Brian Cochran

    Getting a code po263 rear injector I’ve read could be the wire where is this wire located

  4. robert andriulis
    robert andriulis

    sounds like a dealer trying to make money istead of diagnosing.chances are the solenoid plunger contact is pitted and worn.after removing the cover and inspecting plunger you can true surface with file/sand paper in a power drill and get more life or just buy a solenoid rebuild kit if so inclined .usual fix for clicking relay.if not problem buy a new starter if needed.i would jump the terminals first to see if starter spins first tho.

  5. Justin T lea
    Justin T lea

    I have an 06 night train and during a ride it all the sudden started slowing down but rpms stayed normal and it would still shift I had it towed to a Harley dealership which I will not say the Gold name they tore into my transmission n found I had a broken the teeth off a sprocket 1300$ later I pick my bike up leave the dealership it not even 5 min it begins to pour down rain so I pull under an overpass and all I hear is a horrible grinding sound coming from my derby cover it sounded like there was no transmission fluid was in there I call the dealership right away n they tell me to bring it back to them I ride it back not even 30 mins later I dropped with them that the time I’m waiting for my ride they tell me all my bearings are going out it’s going to be another 1700$ the service gentleman tells me they should of caught the problem when they had it the first time when they were working on it it’s like they didn’t even test it after the first time and I don’t know what to do about it I’m a lil motor smart but not about this can anyone help me with this if it should of caught it or they forgot to put transmission fluid in or if they didn’t put it back together correctly please help me I can’t afford over 3000$ if the second incident is truly there fault

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Justin,

      Thank you for your patience. In response to your question-

      You had catastrophic transmission failure.
      The rebuild and repair should have included all related bearings. Once the transmission bearings were exposed to debris from the damaged gears, they should not have been reused.

      We’d love to have you be a part of our community. We are convinced you will enjoy the benefits of becoming a member and having access to the best instructional how to videos and professional tips. We would like to offer you a special promotion for your first-year membership.

      Fix My Hog

  6. Justin T lea
    Justin T lea

    Does anyone get feedback from this website or is it just for filling up my junk mail

    • Justin T Lea
      Justin T Lea

      I apologize to you’ll for being impatient on a reply I was and still am in a bad place over my transmission situation please accept my apology, I had a bit of displaced attitude because I just want my bike back n I could hardly afford the first 1300$ then just to turn around in with 30 mins be told it’s going to be another 1700.00 and I only had the bike back for maybe 15 mins and it being a problem with the transmission again I was being impatient because I miss my bike I don’t smile when I open my garage door my bike is my therapy for my depression , PTSD , and anxiety . So please understand I just needed to know if this is a common thing for a Harley Davidson dearlership to not test drive a bike after they do the job they are paid to do I buy a American made products only to have an American owned dealership to do me this way like this they say they will take off labor charges n that makes me even more suspicious about it being there mistake the second time I just yelped the on internet found out this dealership has just recently changed their name n there are plenty of unsatisfied customers….

  7. John A Cauley
    John A Cauley

    Yes i have a 06 1200L with 237k plus miles on it and for the past several months the speedometer has been acting up the needle will stick when I’m speeding up and then jump on up and also I feel like it’s putting more miles on my odometer than I’m riding I’ve changed the speed sensor and still have the same problem