Trouble with Rear Laced Wheel

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2009 Road King Classic Hi, I have been having trouble with my rear laced wheel, the spokes break once every 18 months appx. I am thinking of changing the rear wheel to one that is not laced but of the same size and leaving the front wheel laced. Will this cause me any problems in handling etc. The wheel I am considering is Harley part No: 40900391. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Kamran

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Yes, we would definitely suggest moving to a solid rim in the rear. You will not encounter any issues as long as you are running the stock size rim & tire. We believe that rim #40900391 works for a 2009 FLHR.

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9 Responses to “Trouble with Rear Laced Wheel”
  1. Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson

    I have a 1998 Dyna Wide Glide.
    Have 25000 miles. Having starter problems
    Clutch driver gear not engaging.
    Starter seams fine. Because of the process should I replace the starter also.
    Thanks for your time

  2. rockher_man

    That’s wierd. What would cause that?

    I have spoke wheels on my ’79 FLH King of the Highway dresser and never
    have any issues. Just put new Metzler ME888 Ultra Marathon Wide Whites.

    Of course I use the “tuning fork” method of tapping the spokes with a small
    combination wrench once a week to listen to the sound they make.

    A loose spoke will make more of a “thud” noise. Very noticeable.


  3. Bikes Built Better
    Bikes Built Better

    Harley has gone to an aluminum hub since about 2000, while the bikes are making more and more power. The result has been (predictably) lots of failures in rear wheel hubs and spokes. Cast or forged rear wheels are the only way to go.

  4. Danny Moy
    Danny Moy

    Try talking to the guys at RideWright wheels, they have a line of laced tubeless wheels. I think they quit making the 19s cuz they were leaking but I’ve got them on both my bikes and they don’t leak. You can get them in 40, 60, or 80 spoke and they make some beautiful hubs, quality machine work all the way. Just a thought, plus I hate spending a dime at Harley.

  5. Michael

    Got tired of my spokes getting loose on my 05 soft tail, especially on the rear. Nothing like an involuntary lane change to get your attention! Switched to solid 8 spoke Harley wheels with Metzler 880 rubber and couldn’t have been happier. As a bonus, new wheels were so much easier to clean!!

  6. don

    Just put a ‘fat boy’ rim on a ‘heritage’ bike of similar years (late 90’s) fit fine but miss the old chrome under my saddlebags…just watch the fit, spacers, balance as per proper specs.

  7. Jerry Fox
    Jerry Fox

    I have the 2009 Street Glide with laced wheels. It is a bear to check air pressure in the read tire. Is there anything I can get to check it or any suggestions