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Hey I have a question, I have a stock 2003 HD Road King Classic 100th Anny. I would like to put a cam in it to get a little more power on top end. I do most of my riding out on the interstate. Do u have any ideas?

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Go to sites like Dennis Kirk and punch in your year, make, & model. Check out exhausts, air intakes, EFI tuners that fit your motorcycle. See if a Stage 1 upgrade gives you the boost you need. If you want to invest more, look at big bore kits from S&S and or a drop in cam. Read the overviews and see what looks best for your style of riding and budget.

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9 Responses to “Upgrade Ideas”
  1. Ronald Crosson
    Ronald Crosson

    I have a 2003 road King 100 anniversary special,my exhaust are just two straight pipes that are the same diameter,does that mean I have no mufflers

    • Mark flanagan
      Mark flanagan

      I have a 2004 flht standard 88. Will at 98 or a 103 barrels and heads fit my 88 thanks mark

    • Pat Bowen
      Pat Bowen

      My 02 LowRider (88CI) has Vance and Hines straight staggered long pipes of the same diameter from the ports. There are baffles in the ends but no muffler or catalytic converter. I suspect yours are the same from what you describe. I tried taking the baffles out to see what would happen and it got louder but it also didn’t run correctly at low speeds and was harder to start. I put the baffles back in because the thing is loud enough and runs like a top. Hope this answers your questions at least partially.

  2. Carlos Olmos
    Carlos Olmos

    Hey I also have an ‘03 road king (fireman edition) the bike runs rough sometimes. When accelerating it kinda stutters like its going to turn off. It has died on me twice. When i started it the second time it reved high for a few seconds and when back to normal. Any ideas on what to check?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Carlos,

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  3. Roger

    by all means get a really good set if aftermarket slip ons, straight pipes will never give you the power as if you run a mufflers. Your engine needs back pressure. Call the fuel moto guys. They have all you need and their customer service is awesome.

  4. Darryl

    Recently acquired 89 Sportster, both front and rear signaling lights had been removed, rear wire cut, how do I replace these safety items

  5. Jimmy Murley
    Jimmy Murley

    I just had work on my ’04 Road King. Went with S&S 510 Cam Kit, Feuling Hydraulic Tensioner Kit, Arlen Ness Stage I Big Sucker Air Flow Kit, V&H Tuner and V&H 4″ Pipes. She’s got all the power I’ll ever need and then some.