What is My Belt Size?

I need to know what belt size I need for a 2006 Ultra Classic with a 32 front pulley and a 66T rear pulley.  Thank you – JJ

32 is stock front I am not aware of a 66 rear only 65. Drag specialties has a good graph matrix for proper belt tooth count make sure you use dresser belt numbers not Softail. Also you can contact Pat Little at Zippers in Maryland super nice guy with all the answers.  Wrench Safe, FMH
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  1. Thomas

    I have a 2008 Fatboy. I think its bone stock. Might have different pipes but not sure. I want to start doing some upgrades. Figured I’d probably start with air cleaner. Do I need to have ecm flashed or mapped if I do so. Or should I start by putting a street performance tuner on before air cleaner?

  2. Frank snapp
    Frank snapp

    2017 Road Glide Ultra, M8, motor stalls in 1st gear only after the motor is at operating temp. Thanks!