Wheel Bearings

Question I changed my front wheel and tire, now when I go down the road something doesn’t feel right. Like its fighting itself to go into the turns.

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Answer There are a few possibilities:
Was the new rim correct for your make and model?
The offset of the rotor may be different on the new rim. This would cause your caliper to bind.
Does your rotor heavily favor one side of the caliper opening?
Lift your front end. Does the wheel spin free?
Loosen and inspect the caliper/brake pads.
Did you inspect the wheel bearings on the new rim before installing the wheel?
Pull the wheel and inspect the bearings. A bad bearing can be extremely dangerous for a rider.

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8 Responses to “Wheel Bearings”
  1. ricky mutua
    ricky mutua

    I have a 2007 dyna wideglide i want to fit a softail deluxe rear fender what problems would i have if any

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi Ricky. The Softail & Dyna frames are completely different, as are the rear struts. Nothing is impossible, but this is definitely not a bolt on situation.
      If you are not expecting to do any metal fabrication, or body work, you will have many hurdles ahead.

      • George

        yesterday I started to hear a noise coming from the front of my 2019 road king, sounds like my brakes dragging. Bearing look to be collecting dirt with the possibility they might be start to throw grease, unsure. Am I looking at bearing failure

  2. Joe

    Every once in awhile my charging system stops working shut bike off start back up starts charging again

  3. Anthony Wilson
    Anthony Wilson

    Hello, at low speeds15 – 20 MPH my bike is easily pushed as if I’m riding in very high wind conditions and the back in a turn feels like it’s sliding on a pile of wet leaves. Any suggestions? My bike is an 04 Fat Boy the tires are good about 2 yrs

  4. Ivan

    FLHTCU’10 with no ABS. Pulled the front wheel bearings to change, noticed they are not fully seated in the hub as the manual says though fully seated against the inner sleave, no other spacers inside, checked the distance b/w the top of hub and bearing with depth gage and just kept the same distance (3.5mm approx) when installed new ones. Turned the internet upside down, seems like there’s a lot of confusion about the correct placement of the wheel bearings as the manual leaves a grey area there.