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Question for Fix My Hog Hello: I am re-assembling my front end after having the trees powder coated. Should I use anti-seize on the pinch bolts? Also, I purchased the Loctite Sticks kit (38725) a while back. It would be great if you could make a quick reference list of which Loctite product to use on the fasteners most commonly removed/installed during Harley maintenance and repair procedures.

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Fix My Hog Answers It is best to use blue thread-locker on the pinch bolts. It is removable strength and will make a barrier which will help against oxidation that can develop when you have a steel bolt into an an aluminum component. Use blue thread-locker on anything that is a regular service component; like your derby cover. Use red thread-locker on components that are supposed to stay assembled securely for long duration’s; like inner primary bolts or handlebar clamp hardware.

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