Will Simmons’ Harley Story

Hello. My story starts with my dad. He was in WWII in Germany and rode the WLA’s then and there. When he returned home he bought and rode a 1948 Indian Chief. In 1952 he traded it in on a new Harley Davidson. He and mom both rode for many years on it. I remember that motorcycle from my early childhood. I still have the owner’s manual on it but alas, he sold it. Thanks, Dad. LOL.

During my high school days a neighbor had a stripped-down WLA in his basement. It had been flat track raced during the ’50s at Lakewood Fairgrounds close to Atlanta, GA. I purchased it from him and put it back in running condition but we never rode it. I had tried to find the parts to put it back in its military ‘clothes’ and since I had pictures of dads’ from during the war, I was going to letter it like that one. I wasn’t able to find the parts to restore it before dad died but I’m still looking and want to complete it as a tribute to him one day. Thanks for this opportunity to share my story.

Will Simmons

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