Willie G LED Fuel Gauge

Question I want to change my factory fuel gauge on my 1996 wide glide to the new Willie G LED fuel gauge. Is it possible to do so with the wiring for the gauge? If so can you please give me some insight on this swap. Thank You. Paul B

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Answer Paul, instructions are always helpful but usually you only need three wires for a fuel gauge on an HD. One wire for 12vdc, one wire for ground, and one wire that will give you a reading from the resistance at the sending unit.

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4 Responses to “Willie G LED Fuel Gauge”
  1. David J Robbins
    David J Robbins

    Having problems with stalling and won’t restart until about 20 or 30 minutes later? Please help, suggestions. God bless you and your family! Praise God, Jesus is Lord!

  2. Gary

    I have a willi g led fuel gauge and only one light comes on anything that I can do to fix it

  3. Brian

    The HD led style gas gauge with pop up gas cap… I’ve had to but 2 new caps because they become very difficult to twist open. They worked fine when new but after a year or two they won’t twist and pop up. Any ideas?