Hawg Wired Reviews From Fix My Hog

Harley Radio Upgrade

Don’t get used to average. You chose to ride Harley to avoid being average like all of the other run-of-the-mill bikes out there. You wanted the best American made ride possible. There’s just one problem. The stock speakers and amp on your bike just aren’t the best they can be.

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For Mom

Understanding can often be found in the most unlikely – and unlooked-for – places. My parents never did like motorcycles. When I was growing up, I was forbidden to own one. I was forbidden to ride on one.

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Dennis Santopietro

Fix My Hog Sportster Edition DVD

Dennis Santopietro, a Wolcott native who now lives in San Diego, this week released his third instructional “Fix My Hog” DVD aimed at helping Harley-Davidson owners maintain and repair their rides. The three-hour, two-disc Sportster edition covers everything from removing the seat and checking the battery to front fork oil service and lubricating the steering head bearings.

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Mechanic’s DVD Series Allows Harley Owners To Get Their Fix

The popularity of Harley-Davidson cannot be denied. Mention to any nonrider that you ride a motorcycle and they will inevitably ask if it’s a Harley. Coupling this name recognition with a market-driven demand for personal individuality has spawned a burgeoning aftermarket parts network. Catalogs thicker than city phone books are available; each is bursting with customization possibilities. It’s tempting to browse these books and order additional bling.

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