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FMH LIVE: October 2018

FMH LIVE October 2018 with Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal where he discussed and diagnosed inner fairing electronics. He showed you a typical aftermarket 6 gauge and how to properly wire/trouble shoot your gauges, covering additional stereo system upgrades, diagnosing ABS Hydraulic Unit malfunctions, gas level gauge and more. If you’re running… Read More

FMH LIVE: September 2018

Tommy “Clutch” Creal, contributor at Fix My Hog, walks us through a typical stock Harley audio setup and troubleshoots some of the most common issues. He covers antenna reception, replacing your stock deck, upgrading speakers and properly tuning your audio system. Tune in, literally, to learn how to upgrade and/or… Read More

FMH LIVE: August 2018

Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal hosts Part 2 of fabricating a motorcycle gas tank. Dive into the fabrication process with one of the most unique parts on a motorcycle, a custom gas tank. Tommy finishes up the custom gas tank from Part 1 with insider tips and tricks along the way. Read More

FMH LIVE: June 2018

Have you ever wondered how one-off gas tanks are made? Or better yet, have you wanted to build your own and don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back-- join us for FMH LIVE with Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal. Read More

FMH LIVE: May 2018

Have you ever wanted to add a custom gas tank, a sissy bar or even a new frame to your bike but struggled to bring it to reality? Well, we’ve got you covered. We sat down with Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal, master fabricator, for Fix My Hog LIVE. Read More

FMH LIVE: November 2017

Bob LaRosa reviewed proper storage and all aspects of storage whether it's long term, short term or seasonal. He addressed batteries, fluids and proper protection from the elements for inside or outside storage. He also reviewed possible tire damage due to improper storage and correct re-start up regardless of the length of storage. Read More

FMH LIVE: September 2017

Bob LaRosa brought us back to basics by giving us a refresher on the Harley wrenching skills related to maintenance. Topics include; spark plugs, reading them and replacing them, correct procedures for replacing fluids, and checking belt tension for rider and passenger load. Read More

FMH LIVE: August 2017

Bob LaRosa chats with us about charging systems and answers some great questions from our Hoggers! He reviews the proper operation and thoroughly covers testing and troubleshooting. He also covers true stator and rotor style systems from 1970 to date. On top of that, he presents plenty of demo pieces including a rotor with loose magnets and multiple style regulator/rectifiers. Read More