Fix My Hog GOLD LIVE: Clutch Review

During this exclusive Fix My Hog LIVE event for GOLD members, Bob LaRosa reviewed and demoed both wet and dry clutches. He discussed clutch design changes throughout the years along with proper maintenance and adjustment. Make sure to log in and check it out.

Fix My Hog LIVE

Fix My Hog Live: November 2017

Bob LaRosa reviewed proper storage and all aspects of storage whether it’s long term, short term or seasonal. He addressed batteries, fluids and proper protection from the elements for inside or outside storage. He reviewed possible tire damage due to improper storage and correct re-start up regardless of the length of storage. He also addressed

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Fix My Hog Live: September 2017

I hope you joined us and hung around during the 1/2 hour tech delay on Sept 27th at 7:00 p.m. EST. If not it’s here to view. Bob LaRosa brought us back to basics by giving us a refresher on the Harley wrenching skills related to maintenance. Topics will include; spark plugs, reading them and

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Fix My Hog Live: August 2017

Check out August’s FMH Live Event with Bob LaRosa. Bob chats with us about charging systems and answers some great questions from our Hoggers! He reviews the proper operation and thoroughly covers testing and troubleshooting. He also covers true stator and rotor style systems from 1970 to date. On top of that, he presents plenty

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Fix My Hog Live: July 2017

Welcome to Fix My Hog Live! We tried a few over the last few weeks and we are dialing in our equipment and technology to bring you live events every month. In July’s FMH Event, Bob LaRosa discusses the components on the Harley dashboard. Harley-Davidson has made several changes to the components on the dashboard

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