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Since 2004 our crew has been answering Harley Davidson how to technical questions and posting them here for all to learn from. Our Harley Tips page grows every day. From easy questions about battery and charging systems to in-depth questions and answers about cam chain tensioners and transmissions. Make sure to click on the Tags in the topics that you are interested in to see more questions, answers and of course related videos. Wrench Safe

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Air Filter Service

After installing a “open” performance air cleaner “filter” how often should you change the filter since it’s open to more elements?   Our Friends over at Wimmer Custom Cycles  had this to Say: That of course depends on your riding area and style. Wimmer filters never require oiling, thus they can go much longer with…

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Power Commander III Ratio

I have a Power Commander III that I map using the data output from a Twin Scan+. Should I be trying for a 13.2 A/F ratio in every cell, or are there ranges that should be richer or leaner than that?   Our Friends at DynoJet had this to say: If you are looking for…

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Exhaust Diameter, Length, and Baffle

How about the differences in exhaust as related to exhaust diameter, length and baffle? Most of us are looking for the deepest sound we can find and rely on websites for sound bytes, which you know never sound like the real thing. If we could understand how size effects sound, we can make a better…

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EFI Mapping and New Exhaust?

I had pretty much given up on buying a new HD and decided to keep my 02 Road Glide and 05 Road King Classic forever but the new 2007 HDs are pretty nice. My question has to deal with EFI mapping and new exhaust systems. I have Reinhart Exhausts systems on both of my bikes.…

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Best Air Intake for My Bike?

How do I select the best performance air intake for my bike?   Our Friends over at Wimmer Custom Cycles  had this to Say: All of our intakes will offer superior performance over stock. The look and style of the intake is more of a preference issue. However some intake systems offer more performance than…

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HD Belt Tensioning Tool

Okay so I went out and bought the HD belt Tensioning tool. I read the instructions that came with the tool but still can’t seem to understand how to use it. So can you make me understand how to use this tool or other method of getting the correct tension on the drive belt in the simplest of terms.

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Worn 1999 Sportster Clutch Bearing

The bearing at the end of the clutch adjustment screw is completely gone on my wife’s 1999 Sportster. What would cause this to go bad and how much work is it to replace? Very rarely do these bearings wear out. The clutch must have been adjusted wrong and left to much load on the bearing.…

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