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Since 2004 our crew has been answering Harley Davidson how to technical questions and posting them here for all to learn from. Our Harley Tips page grows every day. From easy questions about battery and charging systems to in-depth questions and answers about cam chain tensioners and transmissions. Make sure to click on the Tags in the topics that you are interested in to see more questions, answers and of course related videos. Wrench Safe

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95 Inch

What videos do you have that are for that Dyna and I am punching it out to 95 and I am putting in a hydraulic cam chain tensioner and cams. Via Email You will find what you need in the Softail/Dyna categories. We have the engine tear down videos and rebuild videos. We have a…

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Frozen Spark Plug

I have a frozen spark plug on my RK and would like to know how you as a pro would approach it without taking the head off and re-threading. Do you think the Timesert tools and insert would be the best way to save the head. Thanks in advance. Via Email If your spark plug…

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Soft Brake Lever

2004 Harley Davidson Heritage. Hi, recently I viewed your video concerning Brake Bleeding and really like the idea of pushing the fluid through the system rather than sucking it out, it makes a whole lot of sense with regard to air bubbles. Several months ago I purchased a Phoenix injector system and like what it…

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Shift Pawl

Just got into second gear, want to shift in third, shifter lever moves. Transmission did not engage the next gear, possible cause? Shifting levers are tight. Via Email Inspect your transmission shift arm at the transmission. The spines of the arm & the shift pawl shaft may be stripped, or the weld may have broken…

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Winter Projects

Hi, first off I love this website and all the work you guys do, it really takes a lot of the guess work out of doing your own maintenance. I have two questions as I am currently in the middle of some winter time maintenance and modifications. 1. Is it imperative that I disconnect the…

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XL Fuel Pump

My Sportster XL 1200 low was working fine, till last week doesn’t wanna start, noticed that the fuel pump doesn’t prime…need help in checking and finding solution. Via Email Would start by checking the fuse for the pump. Also, wouldn’t hurt to check for trouble codes. Related Fix My Hog Videos: http://www.fixmyhog.com/video/fuse-check-001725/ http://www.fixmyhog.com/video/troubleshoot-with-harley-error-codes-008010/ Have more…

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Voltage Reading

Hello, Have been riding the bike for the past two years and volt meter in dash always reads 13.5V at speed, tried a digital voltmeter which read 13.5V. Tested stator leads 0.1ohm, tested stator leads to ground, both infinite. Installed new battery and a Cycle Electric 48amp regulator/rectifier. Voltage still at 13.5V. Should be reading…

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Harley Davidson Not Starting

I have a 2010 ultra classic with ABS. It is not starting. The battery voltage is 12.75 off the battery. When I turn the main switch on, I get a drop to 12.5, and when the kill switch is turned on, I get a drop to 12.38. The self test goes out and hit the…

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Replacement Evo Inner Primary

1995 Harley Dyna Wide Glide First, I would like to say that I think your how-to-videos are amazing. With that said, my question is: After I saw your video on changing the inner primary on a Dyna to chrome, I decided to change mine. After getting the old one off, I ordered two different chrome…

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