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Touring Bolt-On Edition

I reviewed an earlier Fix My Hog DVD in these pages a while back, the Sportster Edition, and highly recommended it to Sporty owners who want to do some of their own service or just learn heaps more about their bike. Now along comes Fix My Hog - Touring Bolt-On Edition, a whopping 6 hours and 55 minutes spread over 3 DVDs. Professionally taped in a motorcycle repair shop this edition is designed to show Harley owners how to upgrade their bike with a whole swathe of aftermarket parts and accessories.

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Wrenching At Home Listen up, do-it-yerselfers!

If you’ve checked your wallet lately you know that the good old dollar ain’t what it used to be. We’re all feeling the economic crunch, and splurging is a thing of the past. And let’s be honest, it’s getting tougher to afford any form of dealership service for our beloved cycles. But the belt tightening process should not preclude us from taking care of our rides, should it? Not a chance!

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Fix My Hog Bolt-On Performance

The much anticipated Bolt-On Performance DVD set has been released by Fix My Hog. If you are not familiar with Fix My Hog, they are known for their high quality series of instructional videos on maintenance and repair for your Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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Fixing Your Own Harley

Times are tough. Everybody’s looking to save a buck and one of the best ways I know of to do that is to get your hands dirty and turn a wrench on your bike instead of paying somebody else. Hourly shop rates can add up quickly on even the most mundane of maintenance procedures like having your Harley’s oil changed. For the price of one oil change you can make one of the best bang for the buck investments you’ll ever make not only your bike, but for yourself too. Becoming involved mechanically with your Harley Softail, Dyna, Sportster, or Touring model is as easy as getting one of the absolutely terrific Fix My Hog DVDs and grabbing a wrench. From basic maintenance to performance upgrades, the Fix My Hog series takes the mystique out of successfully working on your bike for the average guy.

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Harley Videos Online: Each video is a very well-done primer

Each of these videos is a very well-done primer on performing general maintenance and service for specific models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles (Sportster, Touring, and Softail). Filmed in a repair shop with mechanics illustrating and describing their work, they offer highly detailed step-by-step views of maintenance procedures that can reasonably be done at home. Most are relatively simple tasks, like cable adjustment, that can and should be done throughout the course of normal riding, while other jobs are more complex and labor-intensive, typically involving special tools and equipment. The scope of maintenance tasks is wide-ranging, covering virtually everything outside of the engine. Throughout, the work demonstrated is exacting, and the explanations are very clear. The mechanics take care to point to and identify parts, describe their functions, and provide the rationale for operating, or not, in a particular fashion. The visuals are superb; frequent close-ups clearly capture detailed work or small components. Because the maintenance services shown are mostly generic, these videos may be reliably used for the three models named, spanning the mid-Eighties to the present, as long as shop manuals for specific years are referenced. Precise and detailed, these videos are recommended without reservation. [Also available are DVDs for Softail/Dyna Bolt-on (6½ hrs. $49.95) and Touring Bolt-on (6½ hrs. $49.95), both 2007.]

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Do yourself a favor!

The Fix My Hog – Touring Edition DVD is a maintenance video for all Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles and Harley-Davidson touring motorcycle owners. The 3 – 1/2 hour 2 disc set demonstrates each procedure step by step. Plus, if you register your purchase on the Fix My Hog website, as suggested, you will receive the script for free.

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You’re the King of Bolt-On

“You’re the ‘King of Bolt-On,’ check out these DVDs and write a review,” the editor suggested. “Yez sir, boz,” I replied. King of Bolt-On? Me? Maybe just the Duke of Bolt-On. I am one of the most mechanically inept motorcycle riders I know. If it involves more than two tools or four fasteners, count me out. I’ll let the pros do it.

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