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collage strip of old Harley Photos

Harley-Davidson has been an American icon since 1903, and there have been generations of riders on the roads before us. In many cases, we become riders because of these older generations. Our parents, grandparents, or other family members introduced us to the lifestyle at a young age. It’s not just about the motorcycle, it’s about our memories created with them.

Think back to when you became interested in Harley-Davidsons. Was there a rider in your family before you? Who was it? Do they still ride? Do you ride together? Did they leave you a motorcycle? We want to know!

Fix My Hog wants you to share your story with us for a chance of a lifetime. If you have been left a family member’s Harley-Davidson, tell us about you, your family member and the Harley-Davidson they passed along to you. We would like to share your story with the Fix My Hog community, and you might even get a chance to get that Harley fixed if it needs some tender, wrenching care from Fix My Hog. Submit your story here and make sure to include some photos.

Read some of the great stories submitted by our members and visitors.

collage strip of old Harley Photos

We thank Dennis Kirk for helping to share these stories.

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Dean Mitchell’s Harley Story

Hi my name is Dean Mitchell, I live in a small town called Dimbulah in far north Qld Australia, I have had a passion for motorcycles for as long as I can remember I owned numerous dirt bikes but always had a passion and dream of owning a Harley but thought it would never happen…

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Michael Bender’s Harley Story

I suspect my first experience with a Harley was on a three wheeler ridden by a grandfatherly policeman who stopped in front of our house. I walked closer to get a good look and he smiled, knowing I was more curious about the cycle than about him. I later learned he was a fishing buddy…

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Alfonso’s Harley Story

I was already locked in on a Yamaha transcontinental 2018. I went to Oakland airport to pick up someone but was too early so I decided to kill some time at the Harley dealer near the airport. Lo and behold my favorite color appeared before my eyes (twisted cherry) fell in love and the rest…

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Robert’s Harley Story

This is my first Harley ever. Been riding Gold wings, Vulcans, bikes from the 70’s 100’s of thousands of miles. We are about to ride in a new chapter of my life now. My 2007 Super Dyna Glide with 10,000 miles is about to get a few changes. Forward controls first then slip on’s Who…

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Jr. Sylence’s Harley Story

Hello, JR here. Ok, let’s start before mx racing I rode 4 stroke dirt bikes until I got my first 2 stroke & it was a Kx80 dirtbike then somehow got into 2 stroke 4 wheelers & raced them but first let me tell you what they were. I was 13 yrs old when I…

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Alligator41’s Harley Story

I have been riding for 45 years. From the old BSA and triumph models to the small hondas to my now ride, 2013 sportster 1200c custom trike. 13 spinal surgeries and multiple other surgeries. Now prostate cancer is my new ailment. I went recently from 800 gl Suzuki intruder with Voyager kit to my sportster…

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Earl S. Sadowsky’s Harley Story

Hi Dennis, I’ve been riding since 2000. After going to a summer outing in Port Washington, WI and seeing a parking lot filled with motorcycles, I remarked to my wife, maybe I should get a bike – maybe a Honda or something like that. She promptly shot back, if you’re going to get a bike,…

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Brian Stone’s Harley Story

Been riding 2 wheels since the purchase of a Montgomery Wards 50CC used bike since 1970. 1972 Honda 750 new. Used 1978 HD low Rider in 1979. Off for approx 10 years. 2001 Super Glide-hopped up road burner. 2004 Sportster and 2004 Road Glide new. Both performance enhanced. 04 RG with 93,000+ miles traded in…

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Lenny’s Harley Story

I was the first person in my family that rode any kind of bike. Like most, I started out on mini bikes. Then I had Honda’s, Triumph’s, Silver Pigeon, Sears Allstate, and a Kawasaki. By the mid 70’s I was in the Marines and picked up a 69 sportster and been riding Harleys ever since.…

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