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Tell Us Your Story
collage strip of old Harley Photos

Harley-Davidson has been an American icon since 1903, and there have been generations of riders on the roads before us. In many cases, we become riders because of these older generations. Our parents, grandparents, or other family members introduced us to the lifestyle at a young age. It’s not just about the motorcycle, it’s about our memories created with them.

Think back to when you became interested in Harley-Davidsons. Was there a rider in your family before you? Who was it? Do they still ride? Do you ride together? Did they leave you a motorcycle? We want to know!

Fix My Hog wants you to share your story with us for a chance of a lifetime. If you have been left a family member’s Harley-Davidson, tell us about you, your family member and the Harley-Davidson they passed along to you. We would like to share your story with the Fix My Hog community, and you might even get a chance to get that Harley fixed if it needs some tender, wrenching care from Fix My Hog. Submit your story here and make sure to include some photos.

Read some of the great stories submitted by our members and visitors.

collage strip of old Harley Photos

We thank Dennis Kirk for helping to share these stories.

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Will Simmons’ Harley Story

Hello. My story starts with my dad. He was in WWII in Germany and rode the WLA’s then and there. When he returned home he bought and rode a 1948 Indian Chief. In 1952 he traded it in on a new Harley Davidson. He and mom both rode for many years on it. I remember…

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Pete Bailey’s Harley Story

I’ve only really been into Harley Davidsons for about 20 years, passed my motorcycle test in 1959 but road mainly Brit bikes until the late 90s then I was educated by an old Harley friend and bought my first road king in 2000. Ever since then I have been a staunch Harley fan. A few…

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Ron’s Harley Story

My story started about 16 yrs ago I found a fxef covered with plywood on the side of the road, purchased it brought it home gave her some TLC and she was perfect!! Met a woman who wasn’t perfect! Got married about a year later, filed for divorce. Fast forward a couple of years, had…

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Carl Warfield’s Harley Story

Been riding since I was thirteen. I’m 69 now. Rode crouch rocket, dirt bikes, to street bike all kinds from Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Indian and HD. Now I am riding an HD Tri-Glide 2017! When you can’t hold up two wheels anymore and you still want the wind in your face; it’s the only way…

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