I Have Three Harleys

Dennis, I do enjoy you company very much. People don’t call me Mr. Goodwrench for nothing. I break more things working on projects at home and loose more money trying to fix things on my own. My brother in law is a very accomplished mechanic retired out of one of the local city township. Most of my friends say just take it to your brother in law and save yourself some money. I’m hard headed and would rather learn than just bother him or drop a bundle at the dealer. I’ve been buying all your DVDs. I’m learning but a lot of the time I see jobs I’ve done and I think I should take a lot of it back apart and fix it your way. My way worked but I could of saved a lot of time and frustration. I have 18 of your DVDs but haven’t joined your membership. Not to smart but I’m learning and I did pick up all the service manuals to use with the DVDs. Keep up the good work. I have three Harleys and I like keeping the maintenance up. Nobody likes breakdowns especially the princes. Thanks, Tom in KC