1997 XLH883 Sporty

I ride a 1997 XLH883 Sporty, with a few minor mods, such as 1/2″ over Progressive shocks, a 2 into 1 exhaust system, S&S air cleaner, breathing through the stock carby, with a special slide and jets dyno-tuned to suit the exhaust. I had torque cones fitted to improve back-pressure and it works pretty well. I swapped the gearbox belt drive sprocket from the standard 27 tooth one, to the 29 tooth for the 1200’s, so it cruises comfortably at 110kph (about 70mph). I recently rode from Melbourne Victoria, to the Gild Coast in Queensland (about 4200km, or 2600miles). I took three days, the first one of 8-9hrs riding, then the second one of about 4hrs, finishing with another 8-9hr trip the third day. I did the same thing both ways. I have an Airhawk to keep my butt comfortable and a mini-screen to reduce headwind, both of which made for a much more enjoyable ride. Alan H.